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How to ensure your next job in Disability Support is the right one

Posted 4 months ago

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You know that feeling when something feels off in your current role? Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s tricky to put your finger on - either way, you know something needs to give - the organisation or you. If you work in the disability sector, this decision is never a light one, it’s not like you are stapling documents. You work in a very intimate setting, sometimes with very vulnerable members of the community, so switching jobs isn’t taken lightly. So how can you make sure your next job in Disability Support is the right one?

By following the steps below you can weigh up a potential new job, make an informed decision about the grass on the other side, and ensure you find greener pastures for your talent and passion to thrive.


1.       Identify your must-haves

What are the elements you can’t live without? They might also be called the non-negotiables. Do you want a hands-on management team or would you prefer more autonomy? Do you want to be in an organisation with very social colleagues you can see outside of work or are you happiest when you keep work and socialising separate? Do you need flexibility with hours and site locations close to home? Is child care a consideration?

2.       Opportunities for growth

Would your new role allow room for professional development? Even if you see yourself staying in the same role it would be nice to know a) You have options if you ever want to move into a different position, and b) That talent and hard work are recognised in the organisation. Will your potential new organisation support your higher education goals or additional on the job training?

For example, if you are a great fit with your host organisation at Edmen, we offer opportunities to our Disability Support Workers to transition into permanent roles.

3.       Culture and reputation

How does the organisation stack up in the community, is it viewed with respect? Do you know anyone who does work, or has worked there? If so, what is their take?

If you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram to hear from other Edmen Disability Support Workers or get a glimpse into what others have to say about working with us on our Facebook reviews page.


4.       Values

Do your values align with the organisation values? If not, it could lead to conflict further down the line, or even burn-out if you constantly need to compromise, be honest about what you value the most to avoid hiccups in the future.

Click here to check out our values and what we stand for here at Edmen.


5.       Life work balance

How far are you willing to travel for work? What will it cost you in time, in energy, in extra kilometres on your car to travel farther? Will you be giving up time with your kids, partner or pets to commute across town? Are you happy to travel further for the right organisation? This is an important consideration - it’s no secret that the disability sector is equal parts challenging and rewarding - so finding the right work-life balance is vital to make it sustainable.

Edmen recruits disability support workers across Australia in both metro and regional locations. So if working close to home is one of your non-negotiables, check to see if we have open opportunities near you.


Now that’s you’ve read through, grab a pen and paper and jot down notes in each section, then weigh up your answers to ensure you make a savvy choice and find the right job in Disability Support.