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Day in the life of an Edmen Disability Support Worker

Posted 3 months ago

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We sat down with Edmen Disability Support Worker, Santos, to find out about his move from Indonesia to Australia and his journey into Disability Support work. Hear what a typical day at work looks like and how Edmen enables him to pursue his passions outside of work.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Santos. I’m originally from Indonesia and came to Australia in 2010. Before working with Edmen, I was working with two different disability organisations in South Australia.


What were you doing before becoming a Disability Support Worker?

I worked as a cook in a restaurant. I also used to be a dance teacher. But I never stayed very long in either of these jobs!

How did you hear about Edmen?

I friend of mine who used to work with Edmen told me about the organisation. She told me that they were a good employer that offered lots of flexibility and good pay, so I joined in 2016 and have been working with Edmen since!


Run us through a typical day working as an Edmen Disability Support Worker

With Edmen I mostly work with clients at home. I’m currently working with 5 different clients. Each day is different, but basically, I’m there to support my clients with their daily routine. This could be helping them to get ready for the day or go to work. Other tasks include personal care and supporting medication. I also support people work towards their goals and plan holidays. My job is really just supporting people with daily life at home – it’s been amazing.


What’s a little-known fact about Santos?

I have a YouTube channel – that’s something not many people know. I lot of the content I create is about my personal life, food and lifestyle so my viewers back at home can see what it is like living in Australia (I also have an Australian wife).


What would your advice be to others wanting to get into Disability Support?

I think the first thing is you need to have patience. Before I started as a Disability Support Worker, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know if I had the patience to work with challenging behaviours. But if you just give it a go, you will grow in confidence.

Before I worked as a Disability Support Worker, I worked in many industries and jobs and I didn’t really enjoy what I was doing. But now I feel good coming to work every day because I know I’m supporting people.


What’s your favourite thing about working with Edmen?

Flexibility. I like to go home back to my country, and I enjoy travelling. Edmen is very flexible because I give them my availability and they work around that. For example, if I have something urgent on tomorrow, they are very flexible and understanding of life commitments outside of work. My supervisor, Haydn has been fantastic and very supportive when I need to talk about urgent changes to my availability.


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