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Interview with Titus - Youth Support Worker

Posted about 1 year ago by Edmen


​1.Tell us a little about your background and why you decided to become a Youth Support Worker?

I’m a Christian and was very involved with the young people in my church. I never really thought about working with young people OUTSIDE of church, until one day one of my mates suggested that I look at becoming a Youth Support Worker. I was very nervous and unsure, but I knew I wanted to do something more rewarding and fulfilling.

2.What kind of work do you do on a day-to-day basis with your young clients?

Everything involved with their daily care, from making their school lunches, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, accompanying them to an activity or school, or even just being there for them whenever they need to talk or vent about issues they may be struggling with.

3.What strategies do you use to build rapport with a new client?

Having fun with them and making jokes always makes them feel more comfortable. You have to remember that these young people have been through a lot so making them smile goes a long way in building a strong relationship with them.

4.Why did you choose to work with Edmen in comparison to other agencies?

The feedback from people I know and trust who have worked at Edmen was enough for me to make the decision to work for them.

5.What has your experience been like working with Edmen?

AMAZING! Best experience since I’ve ever started working. From management all the way down to fellow employees, it’s just been awesome. It’s made my transition into Youth Support work from warehousing that much more enjoyable.

6.What’s your favourite memory as a Youth Support Worker with Edmen?

My favourite memory is when I was working with a young female teen. She had a rough day at school, friends and family issues and we spent all day together and right when I was going to knock off, she said to me “Thanks for caring, today was nice. I can’t wait until you’re next on shift.” That was a reminder for me as to why I chose to be in this industry.

7.What impact do you feel you have on your client’s lives?

I believe that showing the young people that you genuinely care for them impacts their lives greatly. These young people have seen and experienced a lot throughout their lives, so being authentic and genuine shows them that you really do care for them.

8.How do you recommend other Youth support workers wind down after a busy shift?

Always do what you love! Whether it be hanging out with friends, going to the beach, playing sports etc. For me it’s always playing the guitar while laying down on my bed!

9.What advice do you have for people considering becoming a Youth support worker?

DO NOT BE FAKE! Young people can smell fake a mile away so always be genuine, be real, and be happy and positive.

10.Would you recommend Edmen to other people looking to work in the industry? If so, why?

Absolutely. Edmen show that they really do care. They’ve always looked out for me whenever I needed anything in regard to work. I would highly recommend Edmen to anyone looking to find a job in the community industry.