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Optimising recruitment and training with a values-aligned partnership

Posted 5 months ago

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Endeavour Foundation is an independent, for purpose organisation that provides services to people with intellectual disability in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

As a registered NDIS provider, our Partner’s organisation offers a range of services including supported employment, supported independent living within disability accommodation, as well as adult education and community access programs.

Maintaining tight quality controls, Endeavour Foundation embeds safeguards and human rights frameworks and principles throughout the whole organisation.


Client Scenario

Prior to engaging Edmen Community Staffing Solutions, Endeavour Foundation identified the need to enhance responsiveness and flexibility in their frontline disability support team while maintaining a stable and secure permanent workforce. Compromising on service quality was not an option, so they sought a values-aligned workforce partner that would offer more than contingent labour hire and understood the importance of customer experience under an NDIS model.

Over the course of 10 years, Edmen has built a strong relationship with Endeavour Foundation's management while delivering a holistic workforce solution to support their service delivery and complex tiered pricing model.


A Contingent Workforce Solution

Combining industry expertise with national reach, Edmen met Endeavour Foundation's criteria for a community workforce staffing partner. Working closely with Endeavour Foundation, Edmen provides a workforce solution aligned to organisational values to acts as an extension of Endeavour Foundation's internal HR team. Core components of the partnership include recruitment, integrated training programs and after-hours rostering.

Recruitment of a contingent workforce- Edmen’s dedicated recruitment team attracts and hires casual support workers to compliment Endeavour Foundation's permanent team. Competencies and skill-based assessments are mapped to internal requirements and NDIS frameworks. Reference and background checks are completed by Edmen before staff are funnelled through the training and induction program.

Training and induction programs – Edmen provides training and induction processes are aligned to Endeavour Foundation's internal processes, resulting in a seamless and consistent experience for candidates and a value add for our client. Once equipped with the skills and knowledge, support workers are integrated into the Endeavour Foundation's team for continued development opportunities.

24/7 - After hours responsiveness – Endeavour Foundation operates residential care facilities that require support staff at different times of the day. Outsourcing after-hours recruitment to Edmen enables them to quickly respond to customer requirements around the clock, while optimising labour costs.


Client Benefits

Temp-to-perm opportunities: A key value driver in the workforce partnership is the option for Endeavour Foundation to transition casual Edmen Support Workers into permanent roles after they have worked a level of hours at no cost. This allows for increased workforce agility and maintains Endeavour Foundation's commitment to quality through retaining workers that provide long-lasting benefits to both customers and the organisation.


An agile workforce solution: A consistent percentage of Endeavour Foundation's support services are delivered by the contingent staff through Edmen’s workforce partnership. Utilising a blended model of both permanent and contingent workers, Edmen’s workforce supports Endeavour Foundation to meet strategic objectives under a complex NDIS tiered pricing model that is subject to frequent change. This has helped our Partner optimise labour costs while maintaining high standards of support to customers.


Workforce planning and regional recruitment: A core benefit of the partnership is the planning workforce initiatives undertaken with Edmen to identify and fill staffing gaps. Particularly in regional areas where staff scarcity is a challenge, Edmen’s national reach and values-aligned approach support Endeavour Foundation to attract and find quality staff to meet their workforce needs.


With a 10 year history, Edmen continues to work with Endeavour Foundation. We are proud of the long-standing relationship we have built and the workforce initiatives that have contributed to our Partner's ongoing success.

Need a staffing partner for your community service organisation? Get in touch to learn how Edmen’s workforce solutions can help optimise your service delivery and grow your organisation.