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Infographic: Carers in Australia

Posted 10 months ago

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​As a community staffing organisation, we spend lots of time recognising and celebrating the important work Disability and Youth Support Workers do each and every day (call us bias, but we think we have some of the best support staff in the world!). But did you know there are 2.65 million Australians that provide unpaid support to friends and family? And 1 in 11 carers are under 25?

Carers contribute enormously to both the community and the economy. This week marks National Carers Week, and at Edmen we want to help make the role of carers visible and highlight the integral role they play in Australia’s health care, aged, disability, palliative and community care systems.

Check out the infographic below for some key stats and information about carers in Australia.

To learn more about National Carers Week and how you can get involved visit: