Managed Workforce Partnership

As a fully integrated part of your organisation, Edmen's Managed Workforce Partnership provides an end-to-end solution for your entire workforce. From recruiting to roster management, to compliance and payroll, our Managed Workforce Solution takes care of all of your workforce processes, eliminating the need for expensive staffing systems and associated implementation costs. This service provides a 100% outsourced staffing solution for both your permanent and causal workforce.

The 100% staffing solution

​Quality and Safeguards

Edmen Community Staffing Solutions complies with structural framework and is committed to quality standards to provide accredited staff and workplace processes to Community Service providers. This means we mitigate risk and you get the assurance of quality workers who meet minimum requirements and qualifications, that are most importantly, available when you need them. We handle everything from employee screening to performance management issues and take full responsibility in ensuring our employees adhere to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. Our end-to-end processes are mapped in accordance with this regulatory framework.

  • Worker screening in compliance with NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission

  • Established internal grievance procedure and risk matrix

  • Continued staff development and safeguards training

  • Complaints management and resolution processes

  • Stringent worker screening and partnerships with registered training organisations

COVID-19 Response

We understand that the people our Community Service partners support, including those with underlying health conditions and people living in residential or Supported Independent Living (SIL) settings, may be at more risk of developing serious health complications due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). As essential services, Disability Support and Youth Residential facilities will continue to require quality support staff throughout this uncertain time.

Edmen is committed to meeting this demand in the safest way possible and undertaking all necessary steps to ensure our workforce is appropriately trained to protect both themselves and the people they work with. These steps include:

  • Communicating with our staff to ensure they understand and follow government recommendations

  • Wearing suitable PPE on shifts in line with government requirements and advice

  • Limiting the movement of our staff between multiple sites where practical

If there is anything we can do to support you or if you'd like to find out more about our COVID-19 response you can visit our Coronavirus Hub or feel free to get in touch on 1800 285 482.

How We Can Help

What's life like at Edmen?

  • ​Edmen Community Staffing Solutions do the best they can to give me rosters available to me as I only do active shifts - they are always friendly and will do their best to accommodate shifts.

    Kathleen (NSW) - Aged Care Support Worker
  • ​I like that Edmen has shifts everyday of the week and in each single day there's 3 different shifts to choose from mornings, afternoons and nights, depending on everyone's availability. Edmen is very Multicultural, it draws staff from all different cultural backgrounds, so while working and interacting with different staff you get to learn a lot about different cultures....they have...

    Joe (NSW) - Disability Support Worker
  • ​Edmen are very efficient and ensure that all staff are trained. The online training I think was awesome as being in the field for some time you guys top the list!

    Sharon (SA) - Disability Support Worker
  • ​Fast replies from coordinators, friendly and reliable staff, sticks to your preferences whether it may be night shifts, day shifts or even short shifts. Works around other commitments e.g. study.

    Support Worker
  • ​We find that working with Edmen Community Staffing Solutions who have a strategic focus to remain as a managed workforce solutions provider, means that we have expert support in rostering solutions.

    Client - Disability Service Provider
  • ​Best place I have ever worked, I love it, all the staff are amazing and always there to help when needed with loads of support

    Ben - Support Worker