Health, Safety & Incidents

Workplace Health & Safety

Edmen Community Staffing Solutions is committed to encouraging a safe working environment for all employees. We do this by complying with the requirements of the relevant Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, providing a structured return to work program and implementing a governance framework of continual improvement.

At Edmen, safety is a priority. As an employee, you must be aware of and comply with suitable standards of conduct, regulations and safe work practices. While not every situation can be anticipated, it is expected that employees will use their common sense and good judgement. It is an obligation of all employees to comply with WHS legislation.  

Under the WHS Act a worker is required to:

  • Take care of his or her own health and safety

  • Ensure that his or her acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others

  • Follow policies and procedures brought to his or her attention

  • Follow reasonable instructions

Safety Concerns Report

If you notice a safety concern at your workplace, please report it as soon as possible by completing and submitting the form below.


As part of our commitment to proving a safe working environment, employees are required to report any safety concerns or hazards in line with Edmen's employee policy and state and/or federal legislation. Edmen aims to minimise incidents by documenting, reviewing and readdressing the consequences and/or potential risks.

Edmen considers an incident to be an event whereby a staff member is injured, put at risk or distressed.

If an Edmen employee considers an incident to be of concern, she or he will:

  • Take immediate action to ensure the people involved are safe, calm and receiving appropriate assistance

  • Call your Edmen Service Coordinator as soon as possible

How We Can Help

What's life like at Edmen?

  • ​Edmen Community Staffing Solutions do the best they can to give me rosters available to me as I only do active shifts - they are always friendly and will do their best to accommodate shifts.

    Kathleen (NSW) - Aged Care Support Worker
  • ​I like that Edmen has shifts everyday of the week and in each single day there's 3 different shifts to choose from mornings, afternoons and nights, depending on everyone's availability. Edmen is very Multicultural, it draws staff from all different cultural backgrounds, so while working and interacting with different staff you get to learn a lot about different cultures....they have...

    Joe (NSW) - Disability Support Worker
  • ​Edmen are very efficient and ensure that all staff are trained. The online training I think was awesome as being in the field for some time you guys top the list!

    Sharon (SA) - Disability Support Worker
  • ​Fast replies from coordinators, friendly and reliable staff, sticks to your preferences whether it may be night shifts, day shifts or even short shifts. Works around other commitments e.g. study.

    Support Worker
  • ​We find that working with Edmen Community Staffing Solutions who have a strategic focus to remain as a managed workforce solutions provider, means that we have expert support in rostering solutions.

    Client - Disability Service Provider
  • ​Best place I have ever worked, I love it, all the staff are amazing and always there to help when needed with loads of support

    Ben - Support Worker