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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What do I do if I cannot attend my shift?

If you have accepted a shift with Edmen and something urgent has since come up or you are unwell, and you can no longer make it, you must call the Edmen office as soon as possible. If you are pulling out the day of your shift and your shift starts before 06.00AM, please call Edmen on call with as much notice as possible. If your shifts starts at 07.00AM or later, please call the Edmen office after 06.00AM.

For all other pull-outs please call during normal business hours after 06.00AM. All pull-outs are recorded, as either a ‘late pull out’ (with 48 or less hours’ notice) or an ‘advance pull out’ (over 48 hours’ notice). Please note that under no circumstances are you to pull out of ANY shift via e-mail or voice mail. You must speak to a coordinator.

What do I do if I am running late to my shift?

If you are running late for your shift, and it is safe to do so (please do not call if you are driving and do not have Bluetooth enabled in your car) you must call Edmen immediately. This is so we can advise the customer so they are aware and can make necessary amendments to plans if needed.

What do I do if the customer is refusing support?

When this occurs, you are to go back to your vehicle and call Edmen immediately. Edmen then call the client to confirm that you can leave the site. Please do not leave the site without speaking to your coordinator first.

What do I do if I have arrived to shift and another staff member has arrived for the same shift?

If you find yourself in this situation, please contact Edmen immediately for advice on what to do. Edmen will then call the client and if your shift is not required, you will either be asked to stay on for the minimum shift hours or asked to leave, however, you will be paid for the minimum shift hours.

What do I wear to shift?

Staff are to dress in ‘smart casual’ attire when attending shift. Enclosed shoes are a WHS requirement. Singlets, open toed shoes, loungewear and inappropriate or offensive clothes are not permitted.

When do I get paid?

The pay week runs from Monday to Sunday with pays being processed on Tuesday the following week. Depending on your bank, you should receive your pay on Wednesday or Thursday.

What should I consider if I am pregnant?

Being pregnant does not mean you cannot continue to make a valuable contribution to the business and those that you work with. However, we all have a duty of care to ensure reasonable care to your health and safety as well as others within a workplace at all times. We must consider that during this time you may require additional support and that some positions are considered higher-risk than others, particularly for pregnant staff. We request in the circumstance that you become pregnant, that you inform your service coordinator as soon as reasonably possible.

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What's life like at Edmen?

  • ​Edmen Community Staffing Solutions do the best they can to give me rosters available to me as I only do active shifts - they are always friendly and will do their best to accommodate shifts.

    Kathleen (NSW) - Aged Care Support Worker
  • ​I like that Edmen has shifts everyday of the week and in each single day there's 3 different shifts to choose from mornings, afternoons and nights, depending on everyone's availability. Edmen is very Multicultural, it draws staff from all different cultural backgrounds, so while working and interacting with different staff you get to learn a lot about different cultures....they have...

    Joe (NSW) - Disability Support Worker
  • ​Edmen are very efficient and ensure that all staff are trained. The online training I think was awesome as being in the field for some time you guys top the list!

    Sharon (SA) - Disability Support Worker
  • ​Fast replies from coordinators, friendly and reliable staff, sticks to your preferences whether it may be night shifts, day shifts or even short shifts. Works around other commitments e.g. study.

    Support Worker
  • ​We find that working with Edmen Community Staffing Solutions who have a strategic focus to remain as a managed workforce solutions provider, means that we have expert support in rostering solutions.

    Client - Disability Service Provider
  • ​Best place I have ever worked, I love it, all the staff are amazing and always there to help when needed with loads of support

    Ben - Support Worker