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Did you know Edmen has its own mobile app?

Posted 7 months ago

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​We know Youth and Disability Support Workers are busy people who are often on the go. That’s why we created Edge – Edmen’s mobile app that simplifies the way staff manage shifts and the way employers manage staff.

Read on to learn how Edge makes the workday better for employees and life easier for managers.

What are the main benefits for staff?

Thanks to a heap of built-in features like push notifications and calendar views, Edge makes it easy to stay organised and update your work availability - wherever you are. When shifts become available, we'll match them to your availability, then notify you via the app so you can be the first to accept.

In Edge, you have access to the information you need about a shift, including customer requirements and handover notes all from your phone. After a shift, complete the shift report, add handover notes, and enter your kilometres travelled for reimbursement.

Not sure how to get to a shift? Tap on the location icon and Edge will automatically open the directions in Google Maps.

At Edmen, we don’t do tedious timesheets. Thanks to Edge, you can clock in and out of your shift with a tap of a finger. To learn more about how Edge works for Edmen employees click here.


How does Edge work for employers?

Managing staff and rosters is often a difficult task in community service organisations where staffing requirements are specific, and flexibility is needed. By centralising your staff management in one platform, Edge helps you streamline your workforce and save hours on admin.

From viewing and managing rosters to generating automated reports, Edge lets managers know exactly who is working when. With a few clicks, you can request qualified Edmen staff that match your customer requirements and achieve ideal staffing levels with an app that scales to your organisation.

Whether it's uploading documents to customer profiles or tracking staff license expiries, Edge helps you stay compliant and connected with your team – in one secure place.


How can I get the Edge app?

If you’re a new Edmen employee, now’s the perfect time to download the app, from Google Play or Apple Store. Just make sure to keep your availability updated in Edge so we can offer you the maximum number of shifts.

Are you an employer looking to simplify your staffing?

Edge is an integrated part of our Workforce Solutions, available to all Edmen Community Service Partners when they join at no additional cost.

If you’re an employer wanting to learn more about how Edmen can help simplify your staffing, drive employee engagement and reduce overheads, get in touch today for a commitment free consultation.