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Tips for a stress-free festive season

Posted almost 2 years ago by Alison Rodriguez


​The festive season can sometimes be more of a stress-fest than a time of celebration. End-of-year demands of work, school and family added to festive season obligations can seem overwhelming. A revised approach can really help, so here are our tips for getting through the festive season – and perhaps even enjoying it!

Remember what the season is all about

In multi-cultural Australia, the festive season means all sorts of things to different people. Christmas, Hanukkah and Bodhi Day are just some of the important cultural days celebrated around this time. A more secular approach to the festive season means a focus on spending time with family and loved ones, giving gifts and sharing meals. Think about what the festive season means to you. What is really important? We’re willing to bet that things like family and friends, or quiet reflection and giving thanks, are high up the list – while buying the perfect Christmas Bon Bons are lower down. Specify what’s most important to you and keep that in mind as you read on.

Focus on essentials

Plan ahead and list everything you have to do. Then split that into two new lists: Essential and Non-Essential. Have a good look at the second list and remember what you decided is really important to you. With that in mind, how many non-essentials can you cull? Let go of the idea of perfection and realise that nobody else will even know about those extra little things you considered and then abandoned! If you’re working through the holiday season, that’s even more reason to be realistic about what you really need to do.

Plan ahead and buy smart

This can be a time of rampant over-consumerism, and gift buying can be very expensive. In this period of greater environmental awareness, it might be time to rethink the practice of everyone buying for everyone. Many family groups have a Kris Kringle system these days, where everyone buys a present for only one person in the group. Others have a rule of only buying presents for children or setting a limit on costs of gifts. Whatever you do to cut back in this area, you’ll be benefitting the planet as well as your wallet.

Look after yourself

Prioritise some ‘me’ time to do things you enjoy. Just little things like reading a good book, practising mindfulness techniques, getting some extra sleep, or having a facial or manicure – DIY, if preferred – will make you feel more relaxed and energised. Forget about trying to diet, but don’t go crazy over food and drink either. ‘All things in moderation’ is a good maxim and keeping up intakes of fruit, veg and good old water will help a lot.

Delegate and learn to say “no”

Don’t feel obliged to attend everything or to do everything yourself. If you’re hosting festive celebrations, learn the art of delegation. Sharing the work of preparing meals means sharing the sense of accomplishment, helping others enjoy the day more too.

And finally . . . Look after others

While for most of us the festive season is a happy time, it can be a lonely time for some. Small gestures can mean a lot, perhaps by visiting elderly neighbours and giving them a gift of home-baked goods, hosting a low-key get-together for everyone in your street, or inviting others to share some of your family celebrations. Considering and sharing with others is the ultimate gift, after all.

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