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Why Choose Edmen?

Posted almost 3 years ago by Alison Rodriguez

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As Community Service Providers negotiate the new ‘choice and control’ landscape coalescing within their organisation's; inevitable questions arise around workforce strategy. How do we ensure we have the right number of flexible, reliable, passionate, trained and capable personnel to provide our customers with?

Market forces determine the nature of the NDIS, as such, demand will ebb and flow for your workforce; have you considered what your workforce management strategy looks like? The growth of your organisation is dependent upon how efficiently and effectively personnel can be deployed. Here are four considerations as to why partnering with a workforce expert, like Edmen Community Staffing, can free up your organisation's resources to focus on the best possible service delivery.

1.   Edmen can reduce your administration expenses by reducing secondary labour costs.

A completely integrated and co-designed rostering platform, together with sector experienced service coordinators, who work to provide a seamless, embedded workforce management solution that works with your existing frontline personnel, results in fewer responsibilities for your organisation to concern itself with outside of what matters – actual service delivery.

2.   Edmen can assist your organisation to minimise liability and risk.

Change is the only constant, as they say. With frequent changes in labour laws and regulations, and the complexities around compliance, it is difficult for organisations to remain up to date and fully compliant with these changes.

  • Noncompliance can be a real challenge for organisations as they focus on providing quality services.

  • Noncompliance can cost thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees.

An Edmen partnership can eliminate the need for your HR department to be constantly investing time and resources into staying ahead of changes in laws and regulations.

3.  Edmen can Increase the productivity of your workforce.

An Edmen workforce management solution allows your team to focus on what really matters – providing the best possible service to your customers. Freed from unnecessary and resource sapping administration, your organisation will have more flexibility and a renewed focus on strategy, without being caught up with ‘back of house’ tasks such as rostering, staffing logistics and payroll.

4.   An Edmen partnership allows partner organisation’s to take advantage of our community staffing expertise and knowledge.

As a national expert in community staffing and workforce management, Edmen have acquired the skills and experience to provide a cost effective and quality workforce solution for your organisation. Edmen employs its own proprietary IT support system, which provides an integrated workforce management platform to keep our partners informed across all aspects of staffing management from initial recruitment, rostering and operational concerns such as risk management and personnel development.

For more information and further discussion on how an Edmen partnership can assist your organisation, please call 1300 665 880.