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Analysing Time: NDIS and Billable Hours

Posted over 3 years ago by Alison Rodriguez

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​Right from inception, the NDIS rollout has been clouded by a concept of "casualisation" and the inherent complexities that are associated with this model of employment.

Having a workforce that is;

  • Harder to roster

  • Harder to train

  • Harder to keep engaged

This is not a great option for most organisations. However, this is the reality for most in future years as NDIS funding is gearing towards an increasingly Casual workforce! Once the data is broken down, it's all about TIME and maximising the billable TIME in your organisation.

One of the ways this "casualization" can be reviewed is by comparing the productivity of a Casual compared to Permanent staff. Did you know that the Available time for a full-time worker in this sector is only 86.5% once various leave is taken into account? Another incredible example is where Non-Productive time is measured, and drops the total productive time of a full time employee to only 81.5%. (page 9)

In comparison a casual employee has far less "unavailable time" therefore increasing the "productive time" and consequently the billable hours ratio increases. (page 15).

We provide Travel and Scheduling efficiencies and savings directly via our Roster Management system. We also provide Supervision and Training savings as these are built into our management structure. We also know our refined models of Managed Workforce Solutions succeeds under NDIS.

Then the statement that "it is a hard commercial truth that financial viability must always be a high priority for an organisation…….. – There is no Mission without Margin". (page 15)

Our models provide consistency in staffing and matching customer staffing requests while still delivering a margin to your organisation. It’s been tried and tested with Service Providers right across Australia. Perhaps the timing is right for your business to review our current models of workforce support and see if they align with your strategic direction?

Give me a call or drop me a line if you want to further any discussions.

See link below to NDIS Article!