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NZ Job Seeker FAQs

So you've decided to take the plunge and move from New Zealand to the friendly rivals over the ditch? But how do you actually go about applying for work and landing a job as a Youth Worker in Australia?

Here are some frequently asked questions on how candidates in New Zealand can apply with Edmen and what you'll need to start working in Australia.

I am moving to Australia from New Zealand. How do I apply to be an Edmen Youth Support Worker?

You can apply for a role with Edmen on our job board before you move to Australia. If your application makes it to the interview stage, we can arrange a virtual interview online. As we employ Youth Workers on a casual basis, we cannot guarantee a set number of hours per week. Moving overseas is a big decision so it’s important this is understood when accepting a job with Edmen.

What will I need before I start work with Edmen in Australia?

If your application is successful and you are offered a position with Edmen, our recruitment team will require you to have an Australian address, bank account, and an Australian or New Zealand driver’s license and before you start work. For more information on applying with Edmen from New Zealand, check out this blog.

Can I apply for more than one role at the same time?

Yes, however we will only process your application for one open position at a time. If you are unsuccessful in your first preference, we may consider you for your second preference (subject to job requirements).

I don’t have any formal qualifications. Can I still apply?

Yes, even if you don’t have formal qualifications you can still apply to work with Edmen, though having experience (paid or unpaid) will help your employment prospects. Edmen partners with national training organisations, so if you are successful in your application and possess strong personal attributes, such as people skills and communication, but don’t have the required formal qualification, we can arrange for you to undertake a course or diploma. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for financial support to help cover your course costs.

What qualifications will I need to work as a Youth Worker in Australia?

You will need a Certificate 4 in Youth Work (minimum qualification), Associate Degree, Advanced Diploma or a Diploma qualification in youth work, counselling or community services.

What basis will I be employed on at Edmen?

Edmen employs workers on a casual basis. This gives you lots of flexibility around choosing your shifts and when you want to work. Edmen is a staffing provider in the community service sector, not a service provider. This means when you join Edmen, you will be on-hired to an Edmen host client (i.e. a Youth Support provider).

How often will I be paid?

All Edmen employees get paid weekly.

What support will I get as an Edmen Youth Support Worker?

Every Edmen Youth Support Worker is allocated a dedicated Service Coordinator. They are there to support you if you have any questions or issues about a shift. If you experience an issue or incident on a shift, it is important you report it immediately to your Service Coordinator. In addition to your Edmen Service Coordinator, you will receive supervision and direction from your host company while on a shift.

What type of settings can I expect to work in as an Edmen Youth Worker?

As an Edmen Youth Support Worker you will most likely be working in residential care or homes for vulnerable young people whose own homes are not an option. Working in residential care generally involves supporting and mentoring young people on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. For more information and insight into Residential Youth Work, check out this interview with Edmen Youth Support Worker, Brianna.

​How does Edmen allocate shifts?

Edmen assigns and rosters shifts weekly through our mobile app, Edge. When a shift becomes available, employees are notified through the app and have the option to accept or decline. You can also update your availability in the app. Learn more about how Edge works here.

Who will I report to?

During a shift, you will always be under the control, direction and supervision of the host client. It’s likely you will be with the host client’s permanent employees.

​What licenses and accreditations will I need to start working with Edmen?

Licenses and accreditations will vary from state to state. The following is what you will need to start working as an Edmen Youth Support Worker: Working with Children Check (i.e. Blue Card in Queensland), a National Police check (included in the Working with Children Check), Australian National Drivers License,First Aid Certificate (or willingness to undertake). You must also satisfy all Visa requirements for working in Australia

Can I drive on my NZ license in Australia?

In Australia, you can drive on your NZ license for up to 3 months. Before the 3 months is up, you need to transfer your New Zealand driver’s licence over to an Australian licence in order to drive legally. We recommend you transfer your New Zealand driver's license over to an Australian driver's licence as soon as you start working with Edmen in Australia.

How much can I expect to be paid as a Youth Worker?

Youth Work in Australia pays quite well. According to Indeed, the average Youth Workers earns $35 per hour in Australia. While the median pay in New Zealand is $23.34 per hour.

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What's life like at Edmen?

  • ​Edmen Community Staffing Solutions do the best they can to give me rosters available to me as I only do active shifts - they are always friendly and will do their best to accommodate shifts.

    Kathleen (NSW) - Aged Care Support Worker
  • ​I like that Edmen has shifts everyday of the week and in each single day there's 3 different shifts to choose from mornings, afternoons and nights, depending on everyone's availability. Edmen is very Multicultural, it draws staff from all different cultural backgrounds, so while working and interacting with different staff you get to learn a lot about different cultures....they have...

    Joe (NSW) - Disability Support Worker
  • ​Edmen are very efficient and ensure that all staff are trained. The online training I think was awesome as being in the field for some time you guys top the list!

    Sharon (SA) - Disability Support Worker
  • ​Fast replies from coordinators, friendly and reliable staff, sticks to your preferences whether it may be night shifts, day shifts or even short shifts. Works around other commitments e.g. study.

    Support Worker
  • ​We find that working with Edmen Community Staffing Solutions who have a strategic focus to remain as a managed workforce solutions provider, means that we have expert support in rostering solutions.

    Client - Disability Service Provider
  • ​Best place I have ever worked, I love it, all the staff are amazing and always there to help when needed with loads of support

    Ben - Support Worker